Reliable Wi-Fi Doesn't Have To Be a Pipe Dream...

Wi-Fi can often be poorly implemented and as such, this can make Wi-Fi coverage around large homes intermittent at best.

There are many technical considerations when delivering a reliable and cost-effective Wi-Fi system that will offer complete coverage of your home or business.

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Wi-Fi And Home Networks Are More Important Now More Than Ever.
Gone are the days of using Wi-Fi extenders to propel your signal from one end of your home to another. And in the age of multiple devices, a fast, always on and stable connection is a must.

For our clients we use carefully selected and placed components around the home to ensure everywhere is covered.

We can also manage the network remotely via the cloud so we can identify issues before you have even realised there is a problem. The network will then either repair itself, or our technicians talk you through the process to get back online again.

Our network designs are unified, integrated and reliable. An absolute must-have in a modern connected home.

Professionally Designed And Installed Wi-Fi Systems
Sunshine Coast Wi-Fi Installation
Designing and installing custom Wi-Fi solutions is the only way to guarantee complete, reliable Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home or business. Wi-Fi “Boosters” rarely work!

Every Wi-Fi Access Point (WAP) we install is hardwired back to a central controller using Cat5/6 cables. This ensures maximum bandwidth and ultra reliable Wi-Fi coverage.

Pictured here are some Wi-Fi designs we have completed for large, complex homes. Compare the pictures with only one WAP to the full coverage of the others.

The red and orange sections detail a strong signal, blue, purple and white represent a bad signal or no signal at all. You can see how much the walls affect the coverage of the signal and how just having a modem in the office just doesn’t cut it at all.

Any building with lots of reinforced concrete and/or glass can be a nightmare to deliver blanket coverage around the home.

If You Are Building A New Home – Get Us In Early

The key to any great system is simplicity. And simplicity is best achieved when we are involved from the early planning stages. We can flag potential issues with you or your builder before they become barriers to realising your smart-home potential.

In some homes, It’s imperative that we install cables during construction. In other homes, installing data cables at a later stage isn’t such a big deal.

When we are involved early, we can make sure that all of these things are considered, before it’s too late.

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When Should You Get Us Involved?

The short answer – as early as possible. For new homes and renovations, before the frame stage is the ideal time for us to discuss pre-wiring and the location of your audio-visual equipment. For wall-mounted TVs, speakers and projectors we can work with your builder, architect or electrician before the gyprock goes on to ensure the correct preparation.
Cabling For New Homes
A SmartWired® house isn’t a Smart Home. What it is is an integrated solution for cabling speakers, phones, TV, music, home cinema projectors, and security within your home. Installation starts from as little as $2500 but can add significant value to your home.
SmartWired installation is pre-wired during construction. This gives you the convenience and versatility to cover all bases with your speaker, data and TV cabling. As your home evolves you can add new access points within a matter of minutes.
Why Choose Connect Multimedia

We have more than 15 years of experience, working with more than 2,500 homes across Brisbane, Hervey Bay, the Sunshine Coast and even Townsville. Our smart-home designs save our customer time, money and worry each and every day.

Cutting Edge Design

Home-automation is more than a job for us. We keep our finger on the pulse to evolve with the industry and provide you with the latest and greatest technology for your home.


Simple Designs

If it’s not simple, it won’t work. Simple design is at the heart of what we do. With easy-to-use touch screens, we make it easy for you to embrace the potential of your smart-home.


Peace Of Mind

We’re only ever a phone call away. Whether it’s a week after installation or five years, we are accountable for all maintenance and repair. We’re here to help.

Accredited And Qualified

We have the licenses, accreditations and qualifications to deliver superior smart-home solutions. And we’ve got the awards to show it!

Buyer Beware! Most Electricians Are NOT Accredited To Install Smart Wiring Or Complex Smart Home Systems.

Connect Multimedia is one of just a handful of companies in South East Queensland with the accreditation, licenses and expertise to deliver a reliable smart home project.

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Here Is What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

We have just completed the construction of a new home in Noosaville, November 2023. This has been our second development in which Glenn and his team at CMM have provided a comprehensive home automation system. In both cases, we have been beyond impressed with the design, and attention to detail.

Glenn is a perfectionist and he is never satisfied until he has delivered a premium outcome. His technical expertise is extensive but he is also able to help his clients understand the workings and benefits of investing in a smart home.

Our family has enjoyed every minute of our interaction with Glenn and his team. Nothing was ever too much trouble. We highly recommend Connect Multimedia to anyone considering investing in smart home technology. They are experts in their field whilst also having the capacity to communicate the intricacies of the system with the client.

Thank you Glenn!


Peter McAvoy

We cannot speak highly enough of the exceptional services Connect Multimedia provided as part of our major home renovation a decade ago. We have continued to call on Connect Multimedia for equipment upgrades ever since and have never been disappointed. The after-sales service provided by Glenn and his team is also outstanding.

We will certainly continue to use Connect Multimedia for future upgrades of our multimedia system and have no hesitation recommending them. Our advice – call Connect. Getting them involved in creating our dream home theatre will always be one of our best decisions!

Tania Scott

We first called on Connect Multimedia when we purchased our dream home on the Sunshine Coast in 2013 to create our home theatre (including streamed music upstairs) and our home network. We really enjoyed that first iteration of our system. We called on Connect Multimedia anew in 2017 for equipment upgrades and the associated reprogramming. Brilliant outcome. In 2020 we called on Connect Multimedia yet again when we upgraded to 4K and gave the home network a make-over. So love 4K. And the new home network is fabulous. Over the years we have also relied on Connect Multimedia for all our maintenance calls. Glenn and his team in our opinion provide high quality, great value, contemporary products. Glenn is a highly experienced senior technician who is across the latest technology. He is pragmatic about product choice: he doesn't push the latest gadget, but recommends products that fit and work with the existing infrastructure. We have found the Connect Multimedia team easy to get along with, always responsive to our needs. It is the go-to company for our home theatre and home network requirements: we wouldn't go anywhere else on the coast. Highly recommend Connect Multimedia.

Chris Lines

We love our Smart Home system that Connect Multimedia put together for us. Glenn's technical expertise and ability to work what we did and didn't need was invaluable during the planning stage of renovating our home. We are so glad we got them involved from the start. The documentation and planning from Glenn and his team meant that the builder, electrician, designer and other trades were all working from the same page. I couldn't recommend using Connect Multimedia highly enough.

Debbie Watson

Connect Multimedia designed and built an Audio Visual system that catered to our specific needs. It is a high quality system that is very reliable and requires very little maintenance. Support is always available and Glenn, the owner of the company is the best and most professional technician I have ever worked with. Steve, Systems Administrator, Maroochy RSL

Maroochy RSL

CMM from the start of my brief through to installation and maintenance of my media room were nothing short of outstanding. I would have no hesitation in the recommending them

Greg Davis

Excellent service, fantastic communication throughout, I would highly recommend their services.

Dan McKay